Welcome to Samson

Welcome to SAMSON:


Karen Murphy, Founder and CEO

Success in today’s world depends on a level of comfort and self confidence that is predicated upon feeling good about yourself, the image you project, and the lifestyle you lead.

Unfortunately, in an industry known for marketing campaigns designed to deceive rather than inform, and spokespeople more likely to sell used cars than hair loss solutions, poor service and inattention to clients’ needs are too often the norm.

None of us can afford to spend money or time unwisely. That is why you seek the very best in quality and service for all your personal needs, and that is why it is my privilege to introduce you to SAMSONan entirely new concept in hair replacement.

SAMSON was developed to offer the convenience and value that I saw lacking at other companies. SAMSON offers the best in quality, service, and individualized attention. We extend every courtesy to ensure a pleasant experience, and SAMSON’s studio was specifically designed for your comfort and privacy.

The SAMSON business model was based on my experience in the industry and the invaluable input of current hair replacement clients. We have a friendly staff of experienced hair replacement professionals who combine technology and artistry to achieve fantastic results. By combining new products and methods with the tried and true techniques, we can give you the self confidence you want with a look that requires minimal maintenance.

I encourage you to consider the SAMSON alternative. If you already have hair replacement or are just visiting Chicago you’ll be glad to know we service hair replacement from other companies. And if you do decide to switch, there may be no need to make an additional investment.

Even if you are not ready to decide but are curious about Samson and the latest advances in hair replacement, we will gladly consult with you about the unique advantages we offer. Remember, you owe it to yourself to know you’re getting the best.

SAMSON is conveniently located in Chicago at 2056 West Chicago Avenue. We are less than fifteen minutes to the Kennedy, the Loop, and Lake Shore Drive, and free street parking is always available.

Our phone number is (773) 384-4247.

Call Us, You’ll be glad you did!


Karen A. Murphy
Founder / President