Samson for Women


Samson helped me regain the confidence I lost when my hair began thinning. As a woman, I feel Karen and her staff fully understood my needs.

Hair loss solutions for women

We understand women and women’s hair loss. In fact, our staff includes five dedicated women with a combined 70+ years experience working with women to solve their unique hair replacement and hair restoration needs. We employ a variety of treatment options that restore women back to their own beautiful, thick, natural hair. Results are often rapid, and always safe. We consult in suites designed for your comfort and privacy.

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Natural and healthy hair
Our breakthrough hair integration system is virtually invisible by sight and touch. When you run your fingers through your hair you cannot tell where the system begins or ends. Samson will restore the natural volume and healthy look to your hair for all manner of hair loss problems, from minor to severe. You’ll have a full head of hair that looks and feels just like your own.

Look sensational
Our talented staff will cut and style your new head of hair to your specific taste. Samson’s hair replacement techniques create sensational new looks or a welcome return to your familiar, comfortable style. Samson also provides complete custom-tailored hair design services, including color, permanents and the latest fashions and trends.

Freedom from hair loss
Our staff can even assist you in creating a new look. We can truly transform your appearance, giving you the style of your dreams. Long or short, straight or curly. A subtle transformation or something more dramatic. Keep your existing color, or change it with highlights or a whole new hue! Add length and body. It’s your freedom!

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Our hair is real human hair
Samson’s non-surgical hair replacement salon combines technology and artistry, resulting in a natural integration of your own hair with supplementary hair. All Samson’s hair systems are made with real human hair which is matched to the same color, texture, curve and style of your own. Your added hair will be integrated perfectly, reflect light naturally and feel like your own hair.

Tailored for you
We tailor our services to meet the needs of each individual client. You can expect personalized service, attention to privacy and a pleasant atmosphere at Samson. We strongly believe in the personal nature of hair replacement. To comfortably accommodate the needs of both our female and male clients, we have private suites for shampooing and styling.

No more lifestyle restrictions
Your new hair appears to be growing directly from your scalp up to the hairline. No more hiding your hair with hats and scarves. Exercise and shower without detection or restrictions.

Easy care
We further the benefits of our approach to restoring hair loss by ensuring minimal maintenance. Your results reflect your personal taste and lifestyle choices. Working with Samson, and living with your new hair will be an enjoyable experience.

The samson benefits
Our proven, customer-centric service offers value to clients in terms of privacy, quality, flexibility, and service. Samson’s staff strives for excellence in delivering our services to you.

  • Honest, no obligation consultation
  • Non-surgical and safe solution
  • Understandable service plans
  • Client privacy taken very seriously
  • Professional one-on-one attention
  • Easy appointment scheduling
  • Tailored approach providing value based upon individual needs
  • Studio layout specifically designed for comfort & privacy
  • Convenient, private, and discreet location
  • Undetectable results, virtually invisible new hair integration
  • Perfectly matched hair with a natural look and feel
  • Professional styling and cutting
  • 70+ years professional collective experience
  • Recognized as today’s effective hair loss solutions specialists

Samson can help!

The Samson approach addresses all types of hair loss and hair enhancement needs. Our professional staff helps you identify the best approach and answers all your questions. Sign up now for your complimentary consultation.